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Pulmonary diseases impact the lungs and can lead to long-term lung damage without proper treatment from a pulmonary specialist. Board-certified pulmonary specialist and sleep medicine specialist Eli E. Hendel, MD, offers pulmonary disease assessments and treatment at his private practice in Glendale, California. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book your visit online today.

Pulmonary Diseases Q&A

What are pulmonary diseases?

Pulmonary diseases are health conditions that primarily affect your lungs. There are many types of pulmonary conditions, and Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) can tell you more about their overall impact on your lungs. After PFT in Dr. Eli Hendel’s office, he goes over your results with you and uses them to plan your treatment. 

Dr. Eli Hendel specializes in treating many types of pulmonary disease, including the following: 

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – COPD is a group of lung conditions like emphysema and chronic bronchitis that obstruct airflow in your lungs. It often develops because of long-term exposure to chemicals in cigarette smoke or other airborne irritants. 

Asthma – Asthma is a lung condition that causes your airways to narrow because of inflammation and excess mucus production. 

Lung Infections – Lung infections like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and bronchitis can have serious long-term effects on your lung function and require individualized care. 

In addition to other pulmonary diseases, Dr. Eli Hendel considers the effects of other conditions, like heart disease and lupus, on your lungs.

What are some early signs of a pulmonary disease?

Pulmonary diseases share similar symptoms, so you need to visit Dr. Eli Hendel for detailed testing and to get an official diagnosis. He takes note of your medical and family history before performing a physical exam, as well as PFT. 

You should consider scheduling a visit for pulmonary disease testing with Dr. Eli Hendel if you experience: 

  • Wheezing 
  • Shortness of Breath, Especially After Exercise 
  • Coughing 
  • Chest Tightness 
  • Insomnia Due to Breathing Problems
  • Fatigue or Lack of Energy 

Some pulmonary diseases, like COPD, are progressive and get worse the longer you go without treatment. All conditions that affect the lungs require careful evaluation and management, and your treatment might change as time goes by.

What are my treatment options for pulmonary diseases?

Dr. Eli Hendel carefully monitors your condition, starting with your first diagnostic visit to his office. The treatment you receive depends on your diagnosis as well as the specific measurements from your pulmonary function tests. Most of the time, you can manage pulmonary diseases without needing surgery. 

Some treatment options for pulmonary diseases that don’t involve surgery include the following: 

  • Oxygen Therapy 
  • Inhaled Bronchodilators 
  • Inhaled Corticosteroids 
  • Lifestyle Changes (e.g. Smoking Cessation, Reasonable Exercise) 
  • Oral Steroids 
  • Antibiotics for Bacterial Infections 
  • Antiviral Medications for Viral Infections 
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

In severe cases of pulmonary disease that do not significantly improve with medications and therapies, surgery may be the next logical step. Dr. Eli Hendel provides preoperative clearance screenings for lung surgeries to assess the risk for postsurgical pulmonary complications.

Schedule a Pulmonary Disease Assessment

To schedule an appointment for pulmonary diseases assessment and treatment, call Eli E. Hendel, MD, or book a visit online today.

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